The Technology

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Our technology is a core part of what makes the Acustom Experience unique. We use the latest 3D measuring technology to gather over 200,000 data points to produce your 3D body model in a matter of seconds.

This data from your scan, along with your fit preferences, is fed into our proprietary Digital Bespoke algorithms and allows us to create your personal patterns for any of our products.

Digital Bespoke drastically cuts the time and financial cost of a traditional pattern maker. Instead of taking hours split between multiple fitting sessions and hundreds of dollars to create your custom pattern for a single garment, Acustom's Digital Bespoke algorithms create your patterns for any garment in a matter of minutes--and at no cost.

When you come in to try on your order, we will make any fit alterations to perfect your pattern. Once your pattern is perfected, it’s saved to your profile and will be used for all future orders. You’re then free to shop for new clothing online or in store–all with your guaranteed perfect fit.

Interested in getting scanned? Visit us at our SoHo location.