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Fit 360º

3D body scanning takes perfect measurements. Sample try-on garments lead a conversation focused on you, and your fit preferences. This is Fit 360º — the most comprehensive approach to custom.

Finest Product

Clothes will only ever look as good as their fabric and constructions. We source from the finest mills, featuring mainly English and Italian wools for suiting, and 100% Egyptian cotton for shirting.


Creating custom clothes involves a lot of moving parts, and our team is dedicated to getting everything right without missing a beat. Expect a smooth process from fitting through delivery and tailoring. 


Do you believe in miracles? Well we don’t. Getting fit right doesn't come with the press of a button.

But our proprietary Fit 360º process makes it easy for you. Going way beyond "made-to-measure," we incorporate the latest 3D body scanning technology and sample try-on garments to capture both your measurements and expectations for fit. Our expert clothiers will guide you through the process and evaluate the nuances of your posture and body stance.

We're moving custom tailoring forward, giving you the high-quality fit of true bespoke with the simplicity, convenience and value of made-to-measure.


Get Measured.

First thing first.  Book an appointment to meet with our Master Clothiers.  We'll take a 3D body scan to capture your exact measurements. We'll also ask you to try on sample garments to help you provide feedback on what fit you're expecting. It's all about getting the fit YOU want!

Suit Yourself

Notch lapel or peak? Patch pockets or besom?

Acustom makes dressing truly personal. If you can imagine it, we can make it. But don't be daunted by all the options. Your personal Master Clothier will guide you through the choices, and can help you make things as detailed or as simple as you like.

Perfect your Fit.

Your suit is ready over the course of a 3 weeks, at which point you will be invited in-store to give it a try on. Once your garments completed, the work of on-site tailor begins. After Master Clothier’s evaluation, if any adjustment is needed this is done within few days, of course from a master eye on every little detail.

All Set.

Everything comes together, the perfect fit of a gentlemen's style like no other. Take your suit out for a test drive. Meanwhile, we will lock in your pattern for future garments, so you never spend time again to get measured. Come back in any time to update your wardrobe or shop online.

The Product

360º Fitting

Acustom’s 360º Fitting is a blend of 3D body scanning technology, comprehensive posture analysis and artisanal spirit of bespoke. What makes 360º Fitting a breakthrough in custom tailoring, however, it speeds routine fitting tasks and helps make better decisions, faster.

Exclusive Service

We can’t control everything around us. A gentlemen like you knows it. Once a perfect fit can now be not that perfect anymore. That is why Master Clothier will have a close relationship with you, to make sure there is a continuity of service.

Fabric Quality

One of the main parameters is to choose the material, the flashes of individuality that make it your suit. With Acustom’s wide variety of British and Italian, premium fabrics, almost infinite range of colors and patterns, the possibilities to fulfill your own style are endless.


There are some operations that technology can’t do because the human touch and Master Tailor’s eye can’t be replicated. While the game-changing 3D body scanning offers the best possible measurement, highly skilled Master Tailor puts his expertise to reach the perfect fit.


We're not salespeople. We're a team of people passionate about clothing and dressing well. Sharing this passion with others is our thing.

Alex Sumner

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Wylie Fresne

Wylie started his career at FIDM majoring in Retail Environment and Merchandise Marketing. Since then he has spent the last eight years working hands on in the suiting industry working for multiple brands to achieve his professionalism.

Jason Kusimo

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We don't sell, we serve.

You deserve cloths you love to wear, that fit you beautifully. That's what we're here to deliver, not things you don't need.

Always do the right thing.

Custom clothing is not a mass-produced widget, and sometimes adjustments are needed to get it just right. We pledge to cut no corners.

No man left behind.

Some men are easier to fit then others. But every man deserves a great fit. We treat all our customers equally, with exceptional service.

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