The Acustom Experience

Acustom Apparel is a revolutionary new way to build your wardrobe. Using our digital measuring technologies, we gather 2,000,000 data points to create your 3D body model. These measurements (along with your fit preferences) are fed into our proprietary Digital Bespoke algorithms to help create the best fitting shirts and suits in your wardrobe.

Not only is everything custom-fitted to you, but you are the designer. From collars and cuffs on your new shirts and oh, you like that blue suit but want peak lapels instead of notch? No problem. Add a pop stitch color and make it yours! We’ll even put your name in it!

See something you like, but need a second opinion? Don’t worry—we have excellent stylists on hand to help you create your personal style.

Choose from dozens of shirt fabrics, 6 collars, 2 cuffs, and 3 fit options.

The entire process takes less than 15 minutes–you would need more time to find and try on 5 different pairs of pants. You can pick up your order at our store or have it shipped to your home within 3-6 weeks.

Want some alterations done to your finished garments? Acustom includes all alterations to your initial garments (T’s and C’s apply). Once we lock in your fit preferences of the first item, we save the changes and replicate the fit on all subsequent products—so you don’t ever have to worry about it again. We also offer repeat scans if your body changes to ensure that each article is a perfect fit. Read more about our Fit Guarantee.