About Us


Acustom Apparel knows from vast experience that men want to look good and feel confident. Using innovative digital technologies, we empower men by getting them into precisely fitted hand-tailored custom shirts and suits.

Acustom Apparel focuses on the four components that go into the making of a perfect garment; design, craftsmanship, fabric, and the most essential one, which is fit. Come and see firsthand how our technology offers the simplest way to order beautifully fitted dress shirts and suits.


Alex is the embodiment of the complex NYC gentleman. A teacher, designer, family man, hardcore Grateful Dead “head,” former velvet rope gatekeeper, and stylist to the celebrity athletes and fashion elite, Alex has been dressing up New York gentleman for close to 20 years.

With the approach of an educator who aims to simplify and inspire, he suggests, "Beware of trends. No word should make you more fearful than ‘fashion’. Style is timeless, classic, scarcely dictated by market manipulation or fads.”

Focusing on building a wardrobe, his advice is, "start by making sure you’ve mastered the basics. The navy suit and the white shirt. Simple Levi’s with a white t-shirt and Jack Purcells. Get that crisp shawl tux and the clean grey suit. Most importantly, understand that fit is everything.
Alex is an admirer (or shall we say “devotee”?) of the beauty of the human silhouette and encourages clients to strive to accentuate it with clothes dovetailed to flatter it.